The Ballarat Winter Festival event and attraction venues are becoming further equipped to cater for people with disabilities and their careers. 

Deciding what events to attend across Winter Festival? Do you need further accessibility information? As Winter Festival is held across various locations in Ballarat we recommend contacting the venues or event organiser directly to discuss your special needs and their level of access. Each venues or event organisers contact details are available via the event listing on our website.   

Ballarat City CBD is wheelchair aware with kerb and footpath standards in main commercial areas allowing ease of use. 



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225 Sturt Street, Ballarat 

  • The Visitor Information Centre is located to the rear of Town Hall. It has an adult change room with full service hoist and a non peninsula toilet. 
  • Parking is available off Bath Lane, via Dana Street. 
  • The Visitor Centre can be accessed from the rear of Town Hall through self-opening doors and is well laid out with easy access to brochures and staff. 
  • Access to the upper level is via a lift in the foyer 


Lydiard Street North, Ballarat 

  • The train station has easy access from the bus exchange and from the drop off points. 
  • The bus exchange has full TGSI’s leading to the main platform and into the ticket office. 
  • The ticket and information windows are equipped with hearing loops & communication cards. 
  • The accessible toilet has been recently upgraded to new standards. 
  • The existing toilet height, handrails and basin are compliant. 
  • The access to the second platform is via the pedestrian crossing over the rail tracks in Lydiard St. 



Armstrong Street South, 4 Phoenix Foundry Mall
Phone: 0424 615 644

Wheelchair Access
The ice rink is wheelchair accessible from Sturt Street via an accessible carpeted ramp on the side closest to Myer. This includes from street level to the accessible viewing and waiting area. The accessible viewing and waiting area has tables at two heights and seating. An accessible free water station is available in this area as well. The rink is accessed via a rubber matted ice skate area on the LHS which is straight ahead from the entrance, some assistance may be needed in this area. Wheelchairs can access the ice rink with assistance and prior arrangements, please contact via the telephone number or email provided.
There is a temporary ramp over cabling that crosses the Armstrong Street South footpath closest to the Town Hall. Wheelchair access to the accessible toilet facilities is via the Armstrong Street South footpath closest to Myer. Please follow the temporary signage around to the rear of the ice rink following the footpath. The tactile ground surface indicators and curb crossing points will lead you to the accessible toilets located behind the Town Hall.
Ballarat City CBD is wheelchair aware with kerb and footpath standards in main commercial areas allowing ease of use.

During business hours only, an all-gender accessible toilet and adult changing facility can be accessed at the rear of the Town Hall via the footpath with handrail. A nappy change facility is also available within this facility. It will be open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm.
Due to the temporary nature of the event, two accessible toilets are available for use at the rear of the Town Hall in a sectioned off area within the carpark.

Sensory Times
Many people who are neurodiverse, can have difficulty processing sensory information. Sensory quiet periods are designed to reduce anxiety and sensory stress for patrons who would benefit from a quieter and less stimulating environment and increases accessibility for all.
Sensory sessions with no music or flashing lights and restricted numbers are available every Thursday from 9am – 10am. Parents with children are still welcome to attend during these sessions.

Companion Cards
This card has been developed by the Victorian Network on Recreation and Disability (VICNORD) and allows carers to attend as a complimentary guest.
Holders of this card, support workers or a supporting family member are welcome to the ice rink with a free ticket to accompany a ticket purchaser. Please inform staff if any further assistance is required or contact prior via the telephone number or email provided.

Assistance Animals
Assistance animals are welcome. There are no extra accommodations for assistance animals, however if you need assistance, please inform a staff member, or contact prior via the telephone number or email provided. The closest safe greenspace is a block away on Doveton St South near Target.

There is a single designated accessible parking space located in Armstrong Street South at the rear of the Town Hall accessed via Dana Street. Other accessible parking spaces are also available further along Armstrong St South

Family skating at the Pop-up Ice Rink


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40 Lydiard Street North, Ballarat 
Phone: (03) 5320 5858 

  • Level entry from Lydiard St via self-opening doors. 
  • An accessible toilet is located on the ground floor. 
  • A small elevator services the two levels. 
  • Large power wheelchairs & mobility scooters may require the service elevator to gain access to the second level. 
  • All spaces are large & easy to navigate


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Bradshaw Street, Ballarat 
Phone: (03) 5337 1199 

  • Disabled parking bays are provided in front of the main building. 
  • Entry to the main building and ticket office is via a ramp in the front of the building. 
  • Road and pathways through the site are gravel. The surface is fine with aggregate of less than 13mm and is hard packed. All the paths are step-free. 
  • Main St is a gentle slope until the red brick chimney at the mine tour office where the slope increases. 
  • On the edges of Main St are bluestone gutters. 
  • A boardwalk is in front of the shops on both sides of the road. 
  • Wooden bridges give access to the boardwalk between each set of steps. 
  • Most of the museum shops have wide level doorways allowing access. 
  • Accessible toilets are located behind the photographic studio, in the United States Hotel, next to the fire brigade, next to the main theatre in the entrance building, and at the cafe. 
  • Full accessibility information (including Auslan, Social Scripts and a downloadable PDF map):


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102 Stawell Street South, Ballarat 
Phone: (03) 5333 0333 

  • The Eureka Centre has designated accessible parking in the main car park opposite the centre. 
  • A gently sloping concrete path leads to the centre. 
  • Entry to the foyer is through a wide self opening door. 
  • A ramp leads to the lower level exhibition space. 
  • The upper level of the 140-seat theatre is accessible from the upper level opposite reception. Inside, there is a large area for wheelchair users. The lower level is also accessible and four seats at either side of the theatre in the front row are removable to allow for wheelchair seating. The theatre is also equipped with hearing augmentation. 
  • The displays and cafe have good circulation space. 
  • There is an accessible toilet on the upper level opposite reception. It has side and rear grab rails and a padded back rest.


More Information 

114 Gillies Street North, Ballarat 
Phone: 03 5320 5500

  • The Ballarat Botanical Gardens are situated opposite Lake Wendouree. 
  • There is disabled parking at both ends of the garden. 
  • The parking bays at the Nursery Drive end have an extended area behind them making them suitable for rear loading vans. 
  • The terrain is flat making it easily accessible to wheelchair & mobility device users as well as slow walkers. 
  • The surface of the paths through the gardens are either asphalt or fine, hard packed red gravel. 
  • Seating is provided at regular intervals throughout the gardens, as are wheelchair drinking fountains. 
  • Accessible toilets are provided at both ends of the garden adjacent to the disabled parking areas. 

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